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Improve customer loyalty through better digitalization

Design an exceptional search experience for your customers with simplicity. Perfect for your customers, perfect for your conversion rate. Scale up your business with reliable Search and get:

99% Uptime guaranteed

Better relevance

User Friendly



Boost business revenue with relevant, instant, and smart suggestions. Autocomplete recommend keywords and products to shoppers when they type in the search box. It generates accurate matches through search prediction.



Respond to shoppers’ changed behavior and improve the product assortment by simply tuning search results and enhancing product placements all through empowering merchandizers and low code, simple user interface.

Analytics and reporting

Understand what your customers search on your website using the Search Bar and which products they interact with or click on. Convertopia search Analytics and Reporting uncovers website insights that will turn searches into conversions.


Spin search bar into a revenue generator

Search has a huge impact on shoppers. Use our high-level features and take control of your customers’ experience. Transform the results of every interaction through:

Smart customizable search

Satisfactory customer experience

Relevant digital experience​


What’s next?

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