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We Are Convertopia

Search is an essential part of an eCommerce store, but it isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Convertopia is the kind of site search solution that offer your customers instantly what they want

Our Story

We started our journey in a small software company in the United Kingdom and now have offices around the globe with over 50 employees. We have come a long way to achieve success.

Convertopia History

Convertopia was founded in 2022 but our relationship with the eCommerce world has been for over a decade through Innovadel Technologies. Innovadel has worked with various e-commerce platforms over the years and gained tremendous experience in the field. With our new vision of offering a great platform that provides site search to online retailers, Convertopia came to life by the CEO of Innovadel “Haroon Chaudhry." With the experience in the e-commerce market, Innovadel realised shoppers are not satisfied with the search and then three years prior it came to life Haroon conceptualized the idea of Convertopia. By keeping excellent shopper experience in mind, Innovadel extended its product offering and successfully delivered excellence throughout the years. We recognize the rising demand for better merchandising, search, and customization of customer experience on a global scale, and that's how we bring your eCommerce website more opportunities through Convertopia.


Convertopia Today

Convertopia is proud to be one of the top industry leaders that offer high-standard solutions for eCommerce platforms where you can get on-site search, autocomplete, merchandising, analytics & reporting services, and various other quality rich feature. We assist online businesses to achieve the best customer experience, enhancing conversation rates and customer loyalty. At Convertopia, our solutions customize the discovery experience to point out customer intent and instantly take them to the relevant channels of engagement. With ambitious employees and extraordinary products, we’re on a journey to give retailers dynamic powers to reach their ultimate business goals.

About our CEO

Haroon has over 20 years of experience in the technology and eCommerce space. He founded “Innovadel Technologies” in 2010 and with years of dedication and hard work he brought the company to huge success by becoming a Certified Salesforce Consulting and Commerce Cloud Partner. He founded Convertopia in 2022 and taking it on the same path of success. Additionally, being a leading mind in the eCommerce business world Haroon has made every client’s business successful.

At Convertopia we work with a customer-centric approach to achieve excellence. We believe our reputation and goodwill are one of our strongest assets that makes us unique. The entire team of Convertopia strives hard for an improved customer conversion rate. I understand the importance of data security for a business and trust me we have adopted solutions that store and protect customer data. Our aim is to provide quality and satisfactory services to customers so they can enjoy a successful business with minimum effort.
Haroon Chaudhry
Founder & CEO

Why Choose Us?

Utilize the experience and expert knowledge that has been in the market for decades. Convertopia is an innovative digital agency that brings the best of your business strategy to life and boosts your digital transformation experience.We see our clients as an extension of our team and our mission to help extend their goals.

Our values

Customer first

With the best knowledge of search, our team is available 24/7 to help our customers with their issues.

Promising vision

Our vision is to offer customers better search results and a pleasant shopping experience.

Result driven

We guarantee to enhance customer retention, better order value, and conversion rate by as much as 60%.