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Merchandizing feature


Respond to shoppers’ changed behavior and improve the product assortment by simply tuning search results and enhancing product placements—all through empowering merchandisers and low code, simple user interface.

You can promote products on account of category, query, or timeframe and perform actions like refining search query, identifying user intent, hiding unrelated products, and more.

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Promo Banners

Attract customers by using Promo Banners and promote product collections. We will show specific promo banners based on the keywords customers type on your site search and boost the sales chart. Include temporary or permanent banners for upcoming events or sales and guide your visitors to related pages.

product spotlighting 1

Product Spotlighting

Prominently showcase trending products on your site through badges and win more sales. Through Product Spotlighting, you can grab buyers’ attention when they reach your storefront. Display product information and related products so customers can be guided to products they probably miss with a traditional search.

Show My SKU

Show My SKU

Manage complex search features that have a large number of SKUs easily with the “Show my SKU”. Merchandisers can tailor SKUs to maintain products by size, color, brand, etc., and meet their business needs. We can manage a large volume of data and still keep your online store fast and running.

product promotion by sku 2

Product Promotion by SKU

Decide which product should be displayed on top when a customer searches for a query on your website to promote specific products. Product promotion by SKU can let you customize SKUs so that the perfect variant is identified and returned on the filtered queries.

product promotion by attribute 2

Product Promotion by Attribute

Make search easier and faster by structuring your product catalog with simple integration of product promotion by attribute. We can help you raise some product results over others with detailed badges at the top of the results. Convertopia will make your visitor’s search experience better.

No Result Template Configuration

Populate your website’s “No Result” page to increase sales with the help of the no result template configuration tool. We use different ways to alter search results such as indexing, relevance setting, showing related products, customizing no-results available pages, defeating typos, and showing “Did you mean?” to minimize the possibility of resulting no result page.

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Boost business revenue with relevant, instant, and smart suggestions. Autocomplete recommend keywords and products to shoppers when they type in the search box.

It generates accurate matches through search prediction. You can speed up the search for website visitors with autocomplete suggestions. Guide users with quick answers with Convertopia search.

Analytics & Reporting

Understand what your customers search on your website using the Search Bar and which products they interact with or click on.

Convertopia search Analytics and Reporting uncovers website insights that will turn searches into conversions. With the right analytics and reporting, you can build a quality-performing website even on high-traffic days.

Analytics and reporting 1


Your online shop may show relevant products, but are they tempting? 45% of a brand image can be attributed to what it says and how it says.

Branding with Convertopia helps you set yourself apart from your competition and build customer loyalty. Useful and optimized content will not only attract users to your storefront but also generate engagement with them.

Advance API

Use an intelligent search to an eCommerce website easily and quickly to get the search up and running.

Advanced API can provide faster updates from any source. You can increase revenue by incorporating knowledge of customers’ search behavior through advanced API.

Advance API