Convertopia Overview: The Smart Site Search Tool


Convertopia Overview: The Smart Site Search Tool

It’s a proven fact that search rules the internet. It’s possible that you landed here while searching for a site search solution. E-commerce site visitors love “search” as it makes it faster and simpler to look for the exact content they need. However, there are numerous businesses that don’t leverage the power of site search just because they’re unaware of the benefits.

As our experience with site search, clients get surprised when our experts recommend a third-party platform while re-platforming to enhance the search result accuracy. According to our research, online visitors are 4-5 times more likely to turn customers and businesses get 20-50% higher ROI than normal.

Convertopia had clients who had around 150% higher conversion rates. Businesses can increase their e-commerce search conversion rate instantly with a smart site search tool.

What is a Site Search Tool?

Before we begin, let’s define the terms.

Our definition of site search is a feature that lets users browse a website’s catalog of products or content in a speedy and relevant manner.

For more than 10 years, Google has been serving lightning-fast and highly relevant site search suggestions as you type (also called queries). We’ve grown so used to this feature that we don’t even realize it anymore.

In a completely different application, Amazon revolutionized the way we shop. In order to make it easier for customers to access their massive catalog, they created an autosuggest dropdown menu, as well as a highly dynamic refinement.

It’s this kind of search that we’re looking at here. It connects users to items, content, and important elements of structured data. It’s quick and reliable, it can be used on a variety of platforms and delivers high-quality results.

At Convertopia we generally refer to it as “search” and also have a different, crawler-based option known as site search. It is also referred to as “on-site search,” internal search, custom internal search, and even website search. However, for clarity, we’ll stick with the most frequently utilized and well-known name: “site search”.


What Makes Convertopia a Smart Search Tool?

What does “Smart” mean in terms of the search engine?

You can provide the most beautiful search experience to the user, but it’s costly and difficult to construct and is even more difficult to manage, optimize, and evaluate.

On the contrary, you could use an existing search tool that is incredibly easy to install use, modify, and alter but it can make users with a poor experience or even worse, insignificant.

The best search engine for your website must be relevant as well as rich and entertaining for the user. It should be also user-friendly, responsive, and efficient for business. Just like Convertopia. We have top-notch features that can benefit businesses directly and their site customers at the same time. Learn why Convertopia is the leading smart site search tool by exploring its magnificent features:

For Customer:

·         Branding/Relevance

An excellent digital experience is directly connected to high search relevancy. If you offer services like news, courses as well as recipes, the more successful you can determine the intention of your visitors and providing them with pertinent results. Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial part in the contemporary strategy of relevance.

To ensure a pleasant user experience, it’s essential to provide users with the content or products they’re most likely to take action on. It is possible to use business statistics like popularity, seasonality or click-through rates to improve the relevance of your content, and you can also make use of search engines to highlight and categorize products.

·         Autocomplete Capabilities

Make use of autocomplete suggestions to make the search faster for your employees and customers. Display search suggestions using typical topics and make it easier to understand questions despite spelling errors or the use of jargon.

Businesses can use our autocomplete feature to identify words that have multiple meanings and assist users with fast answers.

·         Custom Modifications

Think about this:

74% of users are unhappy when the content of websites isn’t personalized.

79% of people think they’re more likely to respond to an offer when it has been crafted to reflect prior interactions in the past with the company.

Internet giants like Amazon and Netflix have made personalizing discovery and search experiences essential. Before embarking on a personalized path, it is essential to understand your customers’ requirements, wants, and signals.

Define which aspects of your product or content are essential to customize based on your brand’s color, product type size, author, or a combination of these. There are times, what matters is your client’s purchase history, but often it’s their relationship with the brand.

Determine which user actions are most crucial for personalization. Is clicking “add-to-cart” more important than the user visiting the product’s page?

Test A/B to evaluate the effect of the strategy of personalization on your search results. Let’s suppose that you want to customize search results by combining views (e.g., when users have visited an item page or the landing page) and clicks (what the user clicks on). Test this method to determine whether it has a positive impact on the search metric you use. In the next test, you could examine personalizing your results using information about conversions, for instance when the user adds an item to their cart, buys something or watches a video, or reads an article.

Iterate! Whatever strategies you use to enhance user experiences, you must be sure to be prepared for conducting tests, adjusting, and re-iterating. It’s nearly impossible to get everything perfect the first time around, which is why you must keep trying until you get the best results for your business exploration. Convertopia’s custom modifications feature can make everything explained here possible with simple clicks.

For Business:

·         Analytics

Search results should be analyzed and used as a means to grow your business. Determining the KPIs you want to measure and analyzing your site’s search is one of the most important steps to get the most value from your website search. Start with search analytics.

Our Search analytics will allow you to monitor the search habits of your user’s results, none, “empty” results, and so on. It will merchants know the users’ behavior by separating their searches into measurable metrics such as popular searches and click positions, as well as the amount of “no results” and the use of filters.

The search analytics will have people thinking more critically about the best way to organize your product information, and how you can set up your rank and relevancy.

You will determine if your products are accurately described or represented, either products are listed correctly in the results of your searches, and whether according to the results, there are large numbers of single products but not enough.

·         Merchandizing capabilities

Your business team can align the strategy of your search results with your catalog, revenue goals promotions, as well as marketing strategies. Show and arrange your products in a manner that is suitable for your customers and your e-commerce site that incorporates e-commerce merchandise using Convertopia. Plan and create campaigns, create custom landing pages, use rules for merchandising, and interact with customers to ensure that they are aligned with your overall strategy for marketing and e-commerce and create an incredible shopping experience.


Let your team benefit from the power of marketing and create unique experiences that will enable you to reach your goals more quickly and easily. Here are some of the primary Convertopia features that fall in Merchandizing:

  • Promo Banners
  • Product Spotlighting
  • Show My SKU
  • Product Promotion by SKU
  • Product Promotion by Attribute
  • No Result Template Configuration

When do you Require a Site Search Solution?

·         Scale

Your content library and product shelf grow along with your business growth. With a site search solution like Convertopia, you can get smooth navigation for website visitors to guide them on what they need. Users won’t have to spend unnecessary effort or time through irrelevant stuff.

·         Support

A quality search experience is the ultimate answer to a seamless customer experience since your support team is already busy in handling calls.

·         Change

e-commerce sites require frequent product, content, and service updates. But you can’t risk your visitors getting lost or confused in this so it’s better that you have a platform that does this task for you seamlessly.

·         Competition

In this fast world, your competitors must be offering quality site searches and gaining an advantage so why not you? Your website visitors deserve an enhanced search experience so they can not only leave with satisfactory results but also turn into loyal customers.

About Convertopia

Convertopia is a leading site search solution provider offering a variety of on-site search features that align e-commerce business products and content offerings to offer an engaged and enhanced user experience.

Convertopia is a smart search tool built with AI technology. Through Convertopia’s feature-rich functionality, the tool can analyze large chunks of search results easily to understand customer intent, process engagement metrics, and smooth the overall user experience.

Understanding what to ask an expert is the first step in increasing your on-site search experience. You can call our experts for advice or sign-up for a month-free trial of Convertopia today and discover how a smart search strategy can boost a better customer experience and help you achieve your brand goals.

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