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Importance of Search in Any E-commerce Store

Site search for most e-commerce stores is just a box where website visitors type their search queries. Customer expectations are growing more than ever, and competition is getting tough side by side. Brands that don’t understand... Read More
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6 Common Online Shopping Problems That Cause Revenue Loss

Following our recommended steps will minimize your abandonment rates to almost zero in no time. You would find hundreds of research papers, reports, and articles online to get the latest statistics on all e-commerce sites. However,... Read More
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Why Do Commerce Stores Need Convertopia?

Why do commerce stores need Convertopia? With the ever-growing digital marketplace, customer expectations are higher than ever. Convertopia's advanced site search solution provides the essential tools to meet and exceed these expectations. By delivering accurate and... Read More
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Top 5 Benefits of relevant search with Convertopia

Top 5 Benefits of relevant search with Convertopia Every click and keystroke can shape a customer's journey, so the power of an exceptional search experience cannot be underestimated. In this digital age, where convenience and speed... Read More
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What is conventional search? A Comprehensive Guide from Convertopia

What is conventional search? In today's fast-paced digital world, the process of seeking and accessing information has evolved significantly. Conventional search methods, while seemingly straightforward, play a vital role in shaping how we explore the vast... Read More
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5 reasons why choose a site search tool

According to a Site Search Report by Funnel back and Econsultancy, approximately 50% of site searches achieved successful outcomes, while 40% of the companies surveyed were unaware of their search success rates. Only 7% of companies... Read More

Convertopia Overview: The Smart Site Search Tool

Convertopia Overview: The Smart Site Search Tool It’s a proven fact that search rules the internet. It’s possible that you landed here while searching for a site search solution. E-commerce site visitors love “search” as it... Read More