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Search box vs Navigation: Better for user experience and conversion

Search Box vs Navigation Which is Better for User Experience

In the bustling era of e-commerce, website owners face a constant dilemma: should they prioritize a search box or traditional navigation through their online merchandise sections? This seemingly simple decision holds immense power over user experience... Read More
E-commerce optimization guide- 5 steps to increase your conversion

5 Step Guide For E-commerce Optimization in 2024

Imagine an e-commerce site with a cluttered homepage, confused navigation, and sluggish page load time. Slow performance will quickly lead to the abandonment of shopping carts because customers will get frustrated and leave the store in... Read More
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Importance of Search in Any E-commerce Store

Site search for most e-commerce stores is just a box where website visitors type their search queries. Customer expectations are growing more than ever, and competition is getting tough side by side. Brands that don’t understand... Read More