5 reasons why choose a site search tool

5 reasons why choose a site search tool blog

According to a Site Search Report by Funnel back and Econsultancy, approximately 50% of site searches achieved successful outcomes, while 40% of the companies surveyed were unaware of their search success rates.

Only 7% of companies are confident in effectively utilizing and sharing the insights gained from site searches. Around 46% are doing so to some extent, but a significant 47% are not leveraging the valuable data obtained through site searches.

The agency respondents offered a somewhat different perspective, indicating that 31% of their clients do not utilize site search data, while only 8% are effectively employing this data.

Having an efficient site search functionality on a company’s website has become an increasingly crucial element for achieving a successful digital strategy.

Companies are progressively investing more in site searches as they acknowledge the various advantages that advanced technology can offer their businesses.

The search terms entered by consumers in a company’s site search box can provide valuable insights into user behavior and offer invaluable data for the company to analyze.

Effectively utilizing this information can lead to higher conversions and improved customer retention. In a recent Econsultancy roundtable with site search experts, valuable advice was shared on enhancing the user experience and optimizing conversions through site search.

Do retailers overlook site searches?

Numerous companies fail to prioritize their site search tool, as they often concentrate on optimizing the navigation menu for a better user experience. Nevertheless, some visitors prefer search over navigation, making the effectiveness of site search crucial regardless of how well-designed the navigation is.

In such situations, the significance of site search becomes more prominent. Unfortunately, many companies miss out on the immense opportunities it offers. Visitors who use the site search tool are often at the final stages of the buying process and seek a quick and highly-relevant path to products. However, if the search tool is ineffective, cumbersome, or slow to load, these users are likely to abandon it.

To illustrate, consider entering a website and feeling uncertain about where to click next. Despite having a well-optimized navigation menu, it may not be helpful, and using the on-site search bar might lead to unsatisfactory results, causing a friction-filled user journey.

In such a scenario, users often resort to performing a quick Google search and navigating to another website that is likely to provide better results. This disappointing experience reduces the likelihood of users returning to the original website, leading to a vicious cycle of user exits. Meanwhile, website owners may remain unaware of or uncertain about how to address the inadequacies in their site search functionality.

Businesses can decrease the chances of visitors leaving their site by implementing a successful site search tool. However, to achieve this, they must first analyze the aspects of their site search that are contributing to visitor bounce rates.

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5 reasons you should choose a site search tool:

Building an efficient website involves considering various components, such as selecting the right content management system, implementing SEO, ensuring easy navigation, providing quality content, and employing professional design with appealing templates. Regrettably, the site search capability is often neglected despite its significance.

Site search offers numerous advantages, so much so that comprehensively explaining its importance would require multiple posts. Here, four key benefits of a well-implemented site search feature for your website are outlined, underscoring why this tool should not be disregarded.

1.      Enhanced user experience

A crucial benefit is significantly enhancing visitors’ experience by swiftly providing them with the desired information. While enriching the site with quality content for SEO purposes, finding specific product or service information can become challenging, negatively impacting the user experience and overall goals.

Keeping visitors on your site is crucial, achieved by promptly delivering what they seek in minimal clicks, preventing frustration that could lead them to competitors. A fully functional site search feature resolves this issue, guiding visitors to the desired information seamlessly, vastly enhancing their navigation experience.

2.      Increased revenue

Site search directly contributes to increased revenue. A study by Econsultancy reveals that visitors utilizing site search generate more revenue for companies on average compared to those who do not. Additionally, conversion rates are twice as high for users who engage with site searches.

Still skeptical? Here’s another compelling fact from the study: Visitors who use the site search feature are more likely to return to the site with the intention of making repeat purchases. Considering this, wouldn’t you agree that site search plays a critical role in generating revenue for your website?

3.      Comprehensive insights into customer behaviors

While it needs analytics tracking and research, effectively using site search can offer valuable insights and data about your customers. Similar to how SEO keyword research reveals public search trends, analyzing site search activity unveils precisely what your customers are seeking from your website.

Another reason why site search should not be ignored is its ability to help you better understand your customer base and identify their desired products and services. Each time a visitor uses the site search tool, it’s like they’re participating in a survey, conveying what’s important to them. Now it’s up to you to fulfill their needs.

4.      Competitive advantage

By having a site search feature, you can distinguish your website in a positive way from your competitors. As I mentioned earlier, site search is often overlooked, with only 15% of businesses investing in optimizing their site search experience. This means about 85% of your competitors are missing out on the benefits we’ve discussed.

The most common reason for this oversight is a lack of knowledge about the importance of site search. Many companies are simply unaware of the significance of this tool. Now that you know what the majority of your competition doesn’t, it’s an excellent opportunity to gain an edge.

When you focus on improving your company’s website design, navigation, SEO, content, and other essential factors, don’t overlook the importance of having a well-functioning site search feature. First businesses should ensure a comprehensive and optimized site search by choosing the appropriate CMS to create your website. Embrace this powerful tool and reap the benefits of improved user experience, increased revenue, and a competitive advantage in the market.

5.      Efficient E-commerce Experience

For e-commerce websites, a robust site search tool is indispensable. Online shoppers often have specific products in mind, and a quick and accurate search function is critical to meet their needs. A site search tool in an e-commerce setting can help users find products by name, brand, category, or even attributes like size and color, providing a seamless shopping experience.

By delivering relevant search results promptly, an e-commerce site search tool can reduce bounce rates, increase conversion rates, and ultimately drive more sales. The convenience and efficiency of the search function contribute to a positive shopping experience, making customers more likely to return for future purchases.


A site search tool is a powerful asset that can transform your website’s user experience, improve content discoverability, and boost customer satisfaction. By facilitating quick and accurate searches, a site search tool streamlines the navigation process and encourages users to engage more with your content. The ability to leverage data-driven insights from the search tool’s analytics empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your website for maximum impact.

In a highly competitive online landscape, a site search tool is no longer a luxury but a necessity. It not only enhances user experience and customer satisfaction but also contributes to the overall success and growth of your website or online business. So, if you want to provide your audience with a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience, it’s time to invest in a powerful site search tool.

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