6 Common Online Shopping Problems That Cause Revenue Loss

online shopping issues

Following our recommended steps will minimize your abandonment rates to almost zero in no time. You would find hundreds of research papers, reports, and articles online to get the latest statistics on all e-commerce sites. However, this blog differs from them because we only focus on the most common universal stats. In addition, it’ll help you better understand all the common online shopping issues for retailers.

Let’s start with the Forrester research that states that almost 50% of sales are likely to get lost because shoppers need help finding what they’re searching for on an e-commerce site. Furthermore, around 45% of US consumers only accept a sale if they get answers about shopping processes or e-commerce products.

These numbers tell us how important it is for online consumers to find everything easily and quickly to let them buy something. This also shows that tackling these issues would help e-tailers increase their revenue and sales.

At least 86% of online customers can pay more for a better and seamless shopping experience. Also, about 49% of these shoppers will have impulse buying wishes.

We took help from Convertopia experts and asked them to offer more straightforward ways to achieve such goals. Let’s continue talking about these problems and remember that quality user experience is paramount for online merchants.

Let’s understand how most people face these challenges.

6 most common online shopping problems for retailers

1. Bad on-site search engines

These are the most overlooked functions in the e-commerce consumer experience, so we should discuss them separately.

How do site search experiences get spoiled?

· Non-typo tolerant search autocomplete

Typo-tolerance is massively essential when more online users are shopping from mobile devices. And bear in mind that typos are very common in mobile device searches. Most users don’t know their mistakes and look at the zero-result page. As a result, they assume the wanted product is unavailable in the store.

That’s why ensuring that your site search can bear typos and instantly offer relevant results is essential. A quality autocomplete functionality can prevent many typos. If you want to avoid such missed purchases, you can get the Convertopia site search tool. With our Autocomplete feature, you can effortlessly search your e-commerce store.

· Zero category suggestions during sales

During the sale or discounted period, the on-site search solution should be understood to differentiate the products. It should not only rank these items in optimised positions but also focus on the fact that special offers are going on. For instance, the tool can offer functionality to show them badges, digital merchandising features, and photos. And Convertopia has got all such features to tackle these challenges.

· Not tolerating zero results pages

e-commerce sites have “no results found” pages that are perfect to impress all potential consumers. Merchandisers can do multiple great things when there are zero product matches against the no search results. E-commerce site search providers can help you give consumers tips and suggest related results.

Furthermore, you can offer similar ways to engage them with your web store. You can view Convertopia’s e-commerce search services and get “no search result” functionality to win potential shoppers.

· Slow Autocomplete

If merchandisers want to ensure relevant results and make their search faster, boost conversion rate, and increase ROI, they should implement quality autocomplete solutions. If you need more understanding of how autocomplete works, then you can ask Convertopia’s experts, and they’ll guide you well.

2. Poor user experience

Your online store will have a poor user experience when they see the elements, they shouldn’t get in their notice in the first place.

Regarding design, your site store needs to be mobile-friendly and disturbs user experience on small screens like mobile phones. Let’s look at the stats here; in 2023, we’ll reach a point where around 50% of retail e-commerce stores will have mobile device users.

You might have automatic carousels and irrelevant pop-ups that will get you little benefit. That’s because they’re not customized and distract customers.

In normal circumstances, up-sells, navigation, and relevant item offers should reach customers more naturally. However, you shouldn’t interrupt their experience but enhance them for better revenue.

Apart from such issues, technical problems such as website crashes and timeout errors ruin user experience. Based on a statistic, around 73% of mobile users have faced site slowness, and 53% would leave such pages if it takes more than 4 seconds to load.

But, these problems can be avoided by getting e-commerce search features like on-site merchandising, analytics insights, banner products, online retail merchandising, and more.

3. Lack of customization

If merchandisers offer a customized shopping experience, there are more chances of turning your visitors into consumers. You can easily win them over by showing them relevant products instead of showcasing the entire item range.

Most online sites utilize personalization from their users’ past shopping behaviors and provide them with relevant results. You can easily offer such functionality through Convertopia’s Analytics and Reporting feature.

If we go more advanced, our tool can help you get real-time customer interactions with your store products and rank their search results accordingly.

If you’re not using customization, you’re frustrating consumers by giving them unnecessary tasks. All these issues would cause fewer shoppers to find the desired products and unnecessarily increase cart abandonment rates. Our smart site search tool can help you customize your search and overcome such issues.

4. Unclear or missing product information

In case you introduce items to your potential consumers, it’s possible to categorize them in two ways. One is product benefits, and the other is product features.

Product features have dry data about the item’s appearance, words, size, etc. According to an e-commerce search, around 45% of customers in the US are most likely to miss a purchase when they can’t find the correct answers on time.

That means it’s essential to ensure you know what your customers might think by using chat, phone, or email. Analytics and reporting is the perfect feature to help you understand how consumers execute on your web store.

You need to ensure all displayed product attributes are understandable and clear. This includes that they’re correctly spelled and navigated.

5. Overly complicated check-out processes

In recent years, most card abandonment rates reports confirmed that the third most known reason in e-commerce stores is that people leave their cars when the check-out process is overly complicated. Of course, the two most common reasons are forced account creation and high prices.

Many e-trailers don’t consider this an issue but are losing customers over time. In this age, where shoppers spend quality time researching, looking for suitable products, and comparing prices, a complicated check-out won’t be helpful.

6. Lack of security

Indeed, some things are more harmful to e-trailers than just information leaks. Whether it’s a small e-commerce site or a large enterprise, they get hacked by dangerous bots. You should maintain data by integrating it with a good or free site search tool. Convertopia is a highly secure and reliable e-commerce site search solution. We guarantee higher revenue by keeping your data safe.

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Effective solutions to these problems

By keeping these problems in mind, we are giving you these effective tips to avoid them.

  1. You should use site search solutions as these are great for engaging with customers and providing them with relevant products timely.
  2. Ensure your site search provider has the latest tools to handle traffic during sales or peak volume times.
  3. Customize your site as much as possible, especially search result pages.
  4. You should include every piece of information on the item page, such as FAQs, to assist consumers in real-time.
  5. Personalize your check-out process for your customers’ needs and offer a smooth shopping experience.
  6. You should offer a secure online store because you can only win loyal customers by providing a quality and safe shopping experience in the world of scammers.

Conclusion- Make shopping easy for your customers

Offering a quality customer and user experience is the ultimate solution to get higher sales volume. It will also increase revenue and help you create products that customers want. We have given you many statistics, so you should understand the urgency and importance of a good site search tool.

If you’re facing similar issues for your store, take your time and get a reliable site search tool. Trust the experts and consult with us today. Our team will help you understand the benefits of our tool and integrate it with your platform seamlessly. Should we start acting on the insights? Call us now!

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